Thursday, April 17, 2008

Does God speak today through dreams?

I wonder if God speaks to us today through dreams? When we have a dream, how do we know if it is from God or not? A couple of nights ago, I had one such dream. In my dream one of my friends took me to what seemed to be a worship service. We arrived and I sat down in a relaxing armchair. I closed my eyes and began to sing along with the congregation, how I knew the words to the songs I don't know. But, I do remember being and feeling very happy in my dream, all because I was joining in with the saints to sing and worship God through music. Then I awoke. After I awoke, I realized I also had an unusual urge and desire to read my Bible as well. For those who know me, I haven't been in the Word much lately, nor have I attended worship services on a consistant basis in a long, long time. So, this dream, I believe, is a dream from God, calling me, and wooing me, and pulling me, closer to Him. It's certainly not a dream from the satan, he wouldn't want me to be joyful or happy or in God's presence. The next day I awoke, all I could do was talk about my dream to other people, and hope that it gives glory to God, grace to it's hearers, and encouragement to the Body. That's it for now. Until next time...p.s...please write me~I miss you, and would SO LOVE to hear from you~!!!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Today is Training Tuesday

I like my friend Julen's blog, because I feel like she has something to say, and says it in an intelligent way. Every blog is different and unique though, right? So, today I've officially started training for becoming one of our store trainers. Yippeeeee. I'm looking forward to challenging myself, as well as working with other people and communicating with others. On another note, I have a homestay living situation now, which I really like. I have other roommates in a nice house in Orange county, sharing the main rooms but with my own bedroom. It's good for me, though I miss my family too. My life is pretty boring right now; just working and going home. I need some social activities to pick me up once again!!!