Monday, June 20, 2011

Weight Loss Tips, Part 2

The List of Do's and Don'ts:
~A list of things I did and things I omitted since January 2011

*Eat home made meals at home; no "fast-food" like McDonald's, Carls' Jr., Burger King, and Taco Bell (unless it's a chicken salad)
*When I did eat out, I opted for the chicken salad (Don Jose's has a great one!)
*Drink 8 glasses of water daily
*Do not drink juice or soda
*Read labels
*I gave up peanut butter because of the fat content, though I might slowly re-introduce it back into my lifestyle someday
*Do not eat white flour products, things like cake, cookies, muffins, TORTILLAS (for at least 6 weeks; I stopped for 8 weeks then gradually ate very little).
*Eat the right foods in the right proportions; learn what they are
*Eat only half cup cooked rice daily for carbs other than fruit
*Eat fruit for dessert instead of cake, candies, cookie
*Use honey instead of sugar
*Omit oatmeal daily
*Eat yogurt daily
*Drink nonfat milk
*Eat more lean meat: white meat chicken without the skin, fish
*Use flavorings that are low-cal; omit the mayo, opt for mustard or ketchup instead
*Take a multi-vitamin daily
*Take fish oil daily
*Eat more fruit and vegetables
*Eat a salad every day with low cal dressing and high protein/lean protein
*Drink water in between meals to help curb food cravings
*A little bit of sweets is okay, but not all the time; once in a while eat the cheesecake, but, make it 4 bites!!
*Drink a cup of hot green tea every morning
*Limit sugar and cream in the coffee; little is okay, black is better
*Find a friend to do it together; anything done together is always more fun!
*Watch Biggest Loser; motivates and inspires you!
*Exercise daily, 5 times a week if possible. Even some movement is better than none!
*Get started now; get started today!
*Write it down; keep a food diary!
*Talk about how its going with food buddy.
*Think about what you put into your mouth; I learned that before my lifestyle change I didn't think about what I was putting into my mouth; I just ate when I felt hungry. Sometimes I would consume 4 or 5 slices of pizza in one sitting! Who does that?! I didn't drink enough water either.
*Once I started doing the right things, with intention, my body knew what to do and shed the excess weight. Amazing, right?!

This is a quick rundown of things I did since January 2011. This is a list of most things I did. I lost a significant and noticeable amount of weight. Now I am eager and willing to help others also get fit, healthy and more slim, though I too am still on my way! I cannot imagine how many health benefits I will have experienced through my weight loss. Perhaps I have avoided many obesity-related diseases and health issues: diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol too high, and unknown others?! Thanks God, and thanks Jane, for helping me get to this stage in life. I couldn't have done it without you!! And, I hope to keep it off, for life. I've made the decision: It is a new lifestyle I think.

Weight Loss Tips

I wasn't sure what to title this blog. But, weight loss tips seemed appropriate, so here goes. Many people have asked me what I've been doing to lose weight? So, this blog is an attempt to self-disclose what I did since January 2011.

My friend offered to help me lose weight, and I said "okay". Then she taught what to do, what NOT to do; she taught me what to eat as well as what not to eat. I followed her advice to the T and have lost a significant as well as noticeable amount of weight since the beginning of this year.

I ate the right foods in the right amounts. I thought about what I put in my mouth. I recorded everything I ate in a food journal. I began by counting total daily fat grams consumed; later I switched over to yes, counting the dreaded calories! I ate a salad a day for lunch!! I used low calorie dressings like sesame ginger soy types. I limited my dressing portion to 1 or 2 tablespoons. I included foods like lean meats and fish into my meals (I wanted to say diet here but in reality this has been more of a lifestyle change than a diet in my mind). For rice I ate only a little bit daily; exactly one serving of rice, which turns out to be half cup cooked rice. I limited my white flour intake to none for the 1st 6 weeks; after that time I slowly included some, but definately not alot!!! I made sure to drink lots of water. I bought a 32 ounce water bottle and drank it through out the day, filling it up twice a day; this amounted to 64 ounces of water per day, or 8 cups of water daily! I omitted liquid sugars from my intake; I took out soda, and fruit juice. I drink at least one cup of hot brewed green tea every morning. I drink non-fat milk. I incuded a small serving of yogurt daily to help digestive tract naturally and intake of calcium and vitamin D.

I also included exercise in my weekly routine. My friend, Jane, wanted me to exercise every day but I started out a little bit slowly. First week 2 or 3 times a week of something aerobic, and gradually increased my workouts to 4 or 5. Now I have found Zumba (Latin dance) to be exhilirating, and fun, and a marvelous calorie burner too!

I also began watching the tv episodes, Biggest Loser weekly. That proved to be a motivating and inspirational activity for me.

Good luck on your journey of health and fitness!! I wish YOU all the best!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Goal Setting

Just wondering how people find, and keep their motivation for life's goals? What have been some ways you have found your enthusiasm and/or kept your focus on something in your life? Please share!!

For example, in January I began a new eating pattern. Since that time I have lost a significant amount of weight!! In the 1st few weeks I was losing 3, 4 and 5 pounds at a time, so that in and of itself was a motivator for me to keep going! I also had a friend, Jane T., speak into my life about her own story. She inspired me with her own success! I think because I saw results in my own life, I just kept with it. And, even though at one point I "plateued" at a certain weight, after 3 weeks of keeping at it I did go down some more!! Knowing that that is a common experience among "dieters" was helpful for me to stick to the program instead of give up.

Now, I feel like I have done so much "hard work" in achieving this new body, so why would I want to go back? I am enjoying my new body so much! I know that sounds like a weird thing to say but it's true! I have not been the size I am now in over 10 years. I don't even know when was the last time I was at this weight. Seriously. Seriously sad. But nevermind. The compliments from people has been another encouraging factor for me. Not a day goes by when someone will say something nice about my new slimmer appearance. I secretly treasure them.

When you have a goal in your life, whether it be physical, financial, professional, social or spiritual, how do you remain motivated to reach your goal? What setbacks have you encountered and what did you do to overcome them? I'm curious to find out what has been helpful to you in achieving your goals in life? How do you even decide which goals you want? I invite you to leave your comments below!! Thanks!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

When I am Down who Can Help me Get Back Up?

When I have too much time on my hands, I fail. I fail to be productive and manage my time well. This is my weakness; I do better with a routine, with a schedule. This is my current challenge: to make the best of the time I've been given. Will I be able to find a way to be productive during this time of transition? I am waiting for my summer job to start while my other job has finished for the school year. Hence, all this free time. I know I should relish and enjoy this time, but I find that other worries and cares of this world are stealing away my enjoyment. It would be really great if God would work a change in my heart and mind, enabling me to enjoy this season of freedom and transition!! That would be REALLY GREAT!!

Ecclesiastes 4:8-10
New International Version 1984 (NIV1984)

9 Two are better than one,
because they have a good return for their work:
10 If one falls down,
his friend can help him up.
But pity the man who falls
and has no one to help him up!

Scripture from: