Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sunday Outreach

Last Sunday our church had an outreach. It gave church members an opportunity to invite people in the community to our Easter worship service. Although I was hoping to participate as an encourager/cheerleader for one of the groups, I ended up instead partnering with one of the other ladies in the church. We went door to door in a designated neighborhood, knocking on doors and/or ringing doorbells, introducing ourselves and inviting people to our Easter Sunday worship service. It was such a good time!! I was very impressed with the graciousness expressed by the people we met at the front doors. Most of the people that we met were gracious, and kind. That made me feel like going door to door to invite wasn't so intimidating after all. A side bonus was getting to know my friend better as we traversed door to door; we had a chance to share stories of God. Good times. We visited 50 homes one warm Sunday afternoon. The time went by so quickly. And, it was a good way to get in some walking exercise too. This comment brings a smile to my face!!