Saturday, July 21, 2007

saturday in korea~

Wow~my first blog on blogger dot com^^I am greatly indebted to the cool Jackie Bolen for helping me set up my blog~she gave of her time and energy to do that~so thanks Jackie!!

Today was one of the best days of my life in Korea. It began with working on a Saturday, my first Saturday working at my school, because we are on a special summer schedule that includes working for a couple of hours on 3 Saturdays in the summer. The nice thing about today was that it was only one class instead of two, and then off to meet Gillian from Australia for lunch. We ate at this Gimbap Chungook Korean Restraunt, and then I was off to meet a friend from church, Julene, who also happens to be from California, so I think she is really cool. Hehe...

Anyways, Julene and I went to Starbux together, and we ran into Youngmin and Jackie, and talked with them for a bit. It was fun to see them there, random and unexpected. Youngmin plays guitar at our church, and Jackie is going to be teaching at a university next year. Hmmm...I'm not sure if I should be writing all this or not.

Then, Julene and I talked and talked and talked until Jackie and Cara, Jenni, and Jo joined us. So, it was nice to see the girls. Also so random!! LOL...

Cara joined me for buying a new camera since some mean person stole mine last week out of my locker at the sauna!! ANYWAYS, I got to buy a new camera at the SONY store, and it was on sale, so I was glad about that. and, I like the way it looks, and am looking forward to using it next weekend when I go to Jeju Island!!

So, after buying our cameras, (because Cara bought one too) we went to the Christian bookstore next door and guess what we bought? We bought Korean-English toddler's Bible with a CD so we can study Korean and the Bible~how funny are we??? Yet, we were so excited about it because we both like Korean alot!! I can't wait to start listening to the CD in Korean together!!!!!

Then we met up with Jackie for dinner at another Korean restraunt by Jackie's place, which also happened to be near where we bought our new cameras. We ate kimchi chigae, a pork and kimchi was sooooo is definately one of my favorite Korean dishes. THEN we hung out at Jackie's place to watch videos and we ended up talking, and it was really cool just to talk. I felt like a little girl tonite, being at Jackie's place; we quizzed each other in Korean using these flashcards Jackie had made~I just remember feeling free to be myself Saturday nite with the girls, so that was one thing that made me happy.

What made this weekend really special so far, for me, was the TALKING with people; I talked with Gillian; I talked with Julene; I talked with Cara; and, I talked with Jackie. My heart is especially warm because one of my friends and I had a bit of a falling out, but, this weekend we reconnected again. And, that has made me happiest of all. And, I think the feeling might be mutual. This concludes my first blogger dot com entry #1. Entry # 2 will be coming when I feel like it!! LOL

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