Thursday, October 25, 2007

thinking aloud

My Korean English student and good friend, Jay Ho; we met yesterday for coffee, and talking. He is always so helpful to me for my living situation in Korea. I am very thankful to God that I met him, and I hope that we are always good friends, unlike other Koreans who have "come in and out" of my life. So sad, so sad!! As for my current situation, I have many things to think about; many things on my plate. This is sort of like a "think-aloud" but in written form, where I am trying to gather my thoughts together. I do have to leave the country. So, I thought I'd go visit my friend in China for awhile. She's a teacher in an international school. Then I thought I'd return to Korea for visiting until my job started. However, I need to obtain my actual diploma and it is a hassle by mail beacause they don't take credit card. Imagine that. Anyways, then I thought, well, why not go home for Thanksgiving then? I could hang out at home in SUNNY southern california while I wait for my visa to be processed. Either way, whether I wait at home or in China, I'll have some time on my hands. These are my options for now.

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