Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's been a while since my last update so I thought I'd write just a short note on my life today.

I feel like my life today is amazing! My life today is not at all like I would have imagined, or expected it to be: single, childless, working a variety of part time jobs, and on and on. And yet, my life is amazing because of what I get to do. I am working with ESL adult students, so I get to pour myself into their lives. I get to be their teacher, and make an impact into their lives. Hopefully there is an eternal impact going on there. I also get to tutor students. I get to try to make a positive impact there as well, both with the students and with their families. I hope that I am being a blessing to them just by the simple way I carry myself when I am around them. I am also helping out in childcare at my local church. My vision is to pour out love on the kids. In addition, I hope to sing, dance and play with them. I hope that this year of serving the kids at my church will result in learning how the local church helps develop and build strong families. Finally, I have a part time job as a caregiver for a disabled lady. I hope that I can be a blessing to her and the other caregivers as well.

So, I didn't imagine that at age 43 I would be single, childless, and a non-homeowner. However, there are other things that I am doing with my life; I am making a positive contribution into the lives of others around me, (and that is what life is all about). I hope that there is a positive ripple effect of my life that spills over into the lives of those around me. These are my thoughts today.

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