Friday, February 26, 2010

Suddenly, suddenly, suddenly...

I feel like right now in my life I am "riding a wave" of unexpected things. For example, last month I got a new car to use. That really changed my life, and gave me more freedom and flexability with my schedule. This month I have moved into a new place, so I have been adjusting to a new living arrangement. Betsy helped me with her time and car and strength and energy. And, though she wanted to help me from the moment she heard I was moving, the exact time and date of my move was suddenly determined, and she was able to be there for me. Tonight, Cathy invited me to dinner (suddenly) with her family. And, suddenly, Paul helped me with my online teaching application, and helped me fix the problem I was having with it. Again, suddenly!! And, last night, Nackwon and her ENTIRE family came to help me with my final moving plans, (you guessed it, "suddenly"). So many things unexpected have been happening lately to me. What do I make of it? And, also, Elizabeth invited me over to her place this week, so I will spend time with her, helping watch the kids. I am very grateful for a new car, a new living space, and for help with my move, and for help with my application, which all seemed to appear "suddenly". A new car, a new living arrangement, and new activities, are a few of the new/sudden things God has had in store for me lately.

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