Saturday, March 20, 2010

What is God's Heart Towards Me?

Last week I was coming home from work. (I live with a new family now.) The kids I live with were playing inside one of the bedrooms that has a window. So, as I was driving by they saw me. And, one of them, Joseph, when he saw me in the car, immediately left the playing in the bedroom, ran to the front door, and greeted me with a big, warm hug!! Now, that's love!! As I reflected upon the 2 year old's actions, it reminded me of God's heart towards me. Indeed, God sees me. He notices my every move. Also, our God is a welcoming God. He invites and welcomes us into His presence. Finally, our God is a warm and generous God. He embraces us. I told his parents that I would remember their son's actions for a very long time. Indeed, God is revealing Himself even in our everyday lives.

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