Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Paradigm Shift~

A 3 year old can often be seen running around, doing his own thing. The nature of a toddler is to explore his world, right?
Think about a kindergardener, or 1st grader. What do they learn at that age? Well, one thing they have to learn how to do is walk in a straight line, behind the teacher. Could it be that, in our spiritual journeys, we too, experience a similar thing?
For example, in the beginning of our walk with God, we might "go here" and "go there", with Jesus sort of like a mom chasing after a toddler. But, as we progress and mature in our walk with God, could it be that we come to a new place of actually following Jesus, much like the 1st grader learns to walk in a straight line behind his teacher?
I don't think that the Lord looks down upon us for being like a toddler in our walk with God. We have to learn step by step how to have and grow in our relationship with God. What mother doesn't love her child as she trains her child in obedience and propriety? Could it be the same with God? Could it be that He knows and understands we all have to start somewhere? And, eventually He teaches us to follow Him rather than do as we please? Lately I've been thinking about this. Even in our immaturity God still loves us. Think of a father who gets a picture from his 3 or 4 year old. Although it might look like a scribble to a human eye, to the Father's eye it is precious and adoreable. I think this is like God's heart towards us too. And, hopefully, someday, we will grow more and more into the image of love. Is this not our destiny?

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