Friday, November 9, 2007

reverse culture shock

So, it's been a week since I've been "back". How many people would love to be "back"? How many people would love to be in my shoes, having the opportunity to visit and see family and friends? I expected to have more reverse culture shock than I have actually experienced so far. Well, there's been some interesting things that have happened, such as thinking in Korean when I'm trying to speak English or even Spanish!! I'll think "nay" for "yes" or "si". I thought I'd miss Korea more than I really do. Of course, I'm walking everywhere, and taking the bus; but, that doesn't seem strange to me; I like the exercise; I just hate not knowing how to read the bus schedules; they seem so confusing to me. All the bus drivers have been SO NICE, I told my bus driver last nite, "you rock!" LOL. I don 't like the unknown factor; that is, which job will I choose after resting through November. I haven't had a desire for kimchi yet; last time I flew away from South Korea I CRAVED kimchi alot. Maybe because it's only been a week, or maybe because I was readier than I realized to come back; whatever the reason, I'm not experiencing the reverse culture shock to the degree that I expected I would.

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