Saturday, November 3, 2007

trip home

I'm just amazed at what a wonderful trip I had from Korea to North America. And, what a godsend it was, and what a blessing it was, to interact with people who were NICE to me. One act of kindness from others really can, and really does, make a difference in people's lives, this time it was my life. From the time the taxi driver picked me up at the hotel, to buying my bus ticket for the airport, the ticketing woman who checked in my bags, the man from immigration who asked me a few simple questions, and the security officers, all were cordial and helpful. The way it should be. Amazing; amazing. And, I have a heart full of gratitude because I had been experiencing the hardness of life lately, and needed some gentle refreshing rain fall down soon. And, it did. It was no problem getting out of the country as some had predicted I heard through the grapevine. My layover was in Taiwaiin, Tapei; the airport was so nice!! Lots of museums and scenic artistic tapestries to look at while waiting for one's plane. The other good news is that this month my sister is also in the neighborhood, so I'll get to see her and have some time together. I am much appreciative for having this month to spend together as she'll be leaving for her new job after Thanksgiving. If I wasn't home this month, I would have missed her for another year!! Praise praise praise the Lord~! I could write more, as usual, but wish to keep it short. Blessings to each reader of this blog!!

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