Monday, August 27, 2007

for my precious grandmother

the previous note was a dedication to my grandmother...she PROMISED me that she would read "every" single blog i wrote~how nice is she? boy did she make me feel, in that note i wrote basically about that...also, i've been thinking about getting a dog, a small one...i also have been thinking about what i will do when december rolls around...that's when my current job is supposed to (that's only if i don't end it sooner by quitting that job)...i wrote about what i consider to be my options at this point...
  1. to live and work in cali retail store such as target or costco
  2. to stay in korea and study korean
  3. to live and work in korea as an english teacher and still study korean
  4. to volunteer in another country such as guadalajara, cambodia or north korea

oh, i've also been learning how to use my ipod these days and have been adding songs, podcasts, and videos to it in, this has been a godsend to me because i've been able to listen to one, the music or stuff i like that's interesting to me, and two, i've been able to listen to ENGLISH, which is a rarity in a foreign non-english speaking land...

so those are the things i've been up to, in a nutshell, lately...thaz what i said in my spanish post, for those of you non-spanish readers...haha...YOU'RE WELCOME~heehee

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