Saturday, August 4, 2007

반코...only staying in my room

Here i am in Jeju (a korean island), on the last day of my bus tour (Tuesday) near songsan, famous for its waterfalls and scenic views. Was nice and relaxing to walk around there.
반코 or, bongko, is a korean word that describes my day means, only staying in my room...after a couple of hours of work this morning, on MY saturday, i ate my beloved kimchi chigae, which is like a pork and kimchi stew, then i headed to my room and slept all was nice, since i rarely get to do that, but also alittle bit lonely...i wanted to go to the beach or the mountains today, but it was raining, i opted to stay home and sleep...i hope next weekend the weather will be better...i want to do something FUN~!!!

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