Wednesday, August 8, 2007

i hate my job

Look at these kids? Are they not adoreable? Then why do I hate my job so much?
One of my job responsabilities is to phone calling students. This means every month I have to call each student and talk on the phone with them for 3 to 5 minutes about whatever. I am failing miserably in this task. Therefore, I am also feeling unhappy about not being able to do a satisfactory perfomance at my job.
My options are to quit/find another job, hang in there, or talk with them (which past experience has taught me is fruitless. They are sooo hardheaded!) I don't want to quit prematurely because it's only another 5 months, and I can get my bonus at the end of completing my contract. In addition, they will pick up the tab for my airfare. Who wants to lose that?
I will hang in there I suppose, and realize that I can't do everything. Unfortuanately, that also means that students will suffer: grading essays will be done later, lesson planning may or may not get done, and preparing for class instruction will be insufficient. But, the students will have gotten their monthly phone call, so business is roaring...tsk, tsk...
That's all I have to say about that.


JOE said...

why dont you call 1 student a day? how many students do you have? you could call them on your "walk" home

Monica said...

good idea joe...i have around 100 goal should be to call 5 students every day...joe you're the best!!