Tuesday, August 21, 2007

young am singing room

After work I went grocery shopping for milk and on the way home ran into one of my new friends, Rick, another English teacher in the area, from Chicago. He was singing in the singing room with some buddies, and his buddy invited me along with them. Now, I know it was late, but, I was so excited to go and get out and have some fun. We all sang a few songs, drank a few beers, and had a good time. I needed some fun, especially after another hard day at work where all they do is see the bad in me; I'm such a terrible teacher; they don't appreciate me; they asked me for my opinion yesterday regarding my relationship with the head teacher, so I wrote them a memo describing my thoughts and opinions~oh my~what a mistake that was! Then they misconsrued my response to their inquiry as complaining. They had the nerve and audacity to say my complaining made them feel uncomfortable; what the heck~why did they ask for my feedback then~they are dummies. In all seriousness, we're not getting along too well. But, I will continue to do my best while I am employed there. And, get out and sing a song to "unwind".

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