Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the best day of my life, monday

Sunday night, I did what I often enjoy doing on a Sunday night, and that is to enjoy the hot baths and sauna at the public bathhouse. Sometimes I go with my friend Jo, but she's gone on a hiking trip this weekend, and my other friend Julene was gone out of town too. So I ventured to the public bathhouse alone, and, OMG (oh my gosh) it was like SO CROWDED for a Sunday evening. Everyone and their mothers were out. No offense. It was kid-city there. Despite being alot of people there, I was still able to get in a hot bath, and had a relaxing time. I also brought along a book with me. Currently I am reading, "Redeeming Love", a non-fictional novel by Francine Rivers. I don't typically get into novels, simply because I have little to no time to spare to the luxury of reading for pleasure. However, since day 1, this novel has gripped me like no other has in a long long time!! The first chapter, or prolouge, as it is called, troubled me, for a terrible event happened to a young girl. However, the pieces of the story are all coming together for me, and it has been a nice way to pass the time away this week, since we are on a major Korean holiday. Some of my friends went out of town, took to the beaches and various mountains. Me, I opted to stay home, and "housesit" for one of my friends, Julene, and, it's been like a mini-retreat there for me.

Last nite I ran into Eric who asked me how I was doing. I told him I was a little bit hungry and going out for a small snack. He offered me his homemade chili that they had just made, and it was soooooo good! And, they gave me fruit and homemade apple pie too, made by kim and betsy. But, the BEST thing they gave me was their company and their time. So, it wasn't specifically to me that they were giving me their time to, but, I got to enjoy and share some time together with other English teachers in Cheonan, and, my heart was all the more warmer by it. I went home so thankful and so grateful for time spent with them, as opposed to alone, my constant companion, getting old! The company was nice, and, being good company was even better!!

So, after the sauna, (back to my story), I spent the night there. I got up by noon, which was good for me (as opposed to sleeping in all day or until 2 or 3 like other times). I made it to Starbucks Cafe and there ran into another half a dozen WESTERN people, western as in other English speakes as myslef, and non-Korean people. The Caves, precious couple from our church and their daughter. Gordon, back from Canada. Sam, the guy from Kansas City. Getting to say hello to these folk though short, was a "high" and a highlight for me. Randomly running into people I know, or at least am familiar with. Got into my book. Lindsay came later, and, God bless her, she was hoping for someone to hang out with. She hung out with me at Starbux, and we spontaneously had dinner and a movie and noraebang and video arcade time together. I originally met Linsay a few weeks ago at church, and she lives in my friend's old apartment, and has taken over his job. Funny how it's a small world.

So, one more day of holiday, tomorrow (Wednesday). I am on a wild goose hunt, madly and desparately searching for a new job. My plan was to "hold out" for an elementary job, simply because I feel more confident and comfortable working with them. However, should a middle school position open up sooner, perhaps I ought to take it. At least that way I wouldn't have the stress of FINDING a job. I'd only have the stress of ADAPTING to my new job. Life at the crossroads. I feel like I am such a bad person for having 3 jobs in one year. But, the truth is, I am not a bad person because of THAT. I have to keep reminding myself the TRUTH.

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