Sunday, September 2, 2007

sunday an unexpectedly NICE day~

i awaken around 9am...oh good, just in time to get ready for worship service...but, can i sleep just a tiny bit more? like 5 minutes? oh, i don't wanna get, the clock keeps ticking and next thing you know it's like 10:30am, the time worship service, i opt to roll over and sleep some more, only because i hate to be, i missed a well, after my lunch at outback, i met a korean friend, jay ho, for's always good to talk...and, i'm reading this book called, "Yes or No, the guide to better decisions" by Spencer Johnson....after dinner i met julene at the sauna (public bath house) for more talking and bathing together...well, it's the korean cultural thing to do...its similar to a jacuzzi, only its a room full of them, with different water temperatures...some are hot, some are cold, some are cool, and some are warm...some have "bubbles" and some are just was a godsend to talk with julene, since i haven't really spent time talking with anyone much lately...

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