Wednesday, September 12, 2007

a modern day psalm

Father do you love me?
Why don't you ever write?
Mother do you love me?
Why don't you ever call?
Brother do you love me?
You are so involved in your own life.
Sister do you love me?
You are living your own life;
a life that doesn't include me.
Look God, can't you see?
Look God, don't you care?
Where are my friends?
Where are my close companions?
You said its not good for man to be alone.
What about me?
Look at my bed.
Alone at night.
Is this the life I was meant to live?
Answer me God.
Or, in Byron's words, respond.

a modern day psalm, written by monica

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My Kids Mom said...

God hears the cry of your heart! His Mercy is new every morning and his promises are fulfilled. His timing is not our timing. Trust in His promise to you! Be encouraged! You are loved! We will rejoice the day we see these promises come to pass!
Your Friend,