Wednesday, September 26, 2007

spontaneous day

I am in the process of rearranging the furniture in my room. It's tiring work physically to do it by myself.

I went to sleep last nite around 3 am, so, I wasn't sure what time I'd be getting up the next day. However, after 8 hours of sleep, I was good to go, and happy about that as well. I got a phone call on my home phone from Cara to hang later that day. What a nice surprise. So we met, along with SoYoung, another gal from our church, for a movie, Bourne Identity. I like action and adventure movies, so I was pleased. Plus, during the movie time I "forgot" temporarily, that i was even in Korea. I really like when that happens!!

After the movies we were all hungry so we went out for an early dinner/later lunch. We ate shabu-shabu and a noodle soup. It might sound gross, but its really not. It is so good. Both are some of my favorite Korean dishes, so, again I was pleased. I was also glad to get to become better acquainted with SoYoung. Believe it or not, I had never met her before today! We were all in agreement that Starbucks would become our next destination. We're like, we love Starbucks!!!

On the way to Starbucks I got my ears "double-pierced". Yes, that's right. Now, I hope not to get an infection. It'll be okay!!

So, on to Starbucks, and, again, like 10 other western people were there. (I decided I don't like the word sounds so unfriendly to, I prefer to use the term western now). We ran into Fiona and her husband Ron, Byron, his friend Kim, and co-worker Julia; Avie stopped by later along with 2 of his girlfriends and LIndsay; and of course, Youngmin, our church's worship leader was there too, with his own korean buddies. It's just like home!!!

After everyone left, I engrossed myself into the book I'm reading. I went to TGIF's because I was dying for a quesadilla. After that I came home and am relaxing now.

A day with people was alot more fun than a day alone. And, all unplanned at that!

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