Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i am a slave

i feel like a slave...i work from 1:30 until 9:30pm, every day...without a break...there is no dinner break for me...i am phone calling students through my non-existant dinner break, eating food ordered in because the school refuses to feed me of the other teachers refuses to talk with me is a wonderfully haha hostile environment...OMG(oh my gawed)...starting today, i am refusing to work 8 hours without any break...i will take a dinner break whether they like it or my my job....and quit in november...i think i need a less stressful there such a thing? is there one out there for me? God i hope so!! Talk with them? tha'ts the problem...they don't understand english well enough...they get angry at me when i speak my mind...they see everything as i am wrong...they're so hard-headed...why try anymore?! i love my students tho~today, smelly stickers and game day for tuesday-thursday students~wola~

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