Saturday, September 15, 2007

a fresh start

it is job is coming to a close...i am saying sigh-uh-nar-uh to my old job and hello to my new job...instead of focusing on what i cannot do, i must focus on what i can do...there's gotta be a job out there for not so stessful, where i will feel good about what i'm doing, and enjoy the working atmosphere...wishful thinking? i hope not...many changes are sure to come in the upcoming weeks...i gave my boss a 3 month notice and he gave me a 3 week nice...just an early answer to prayer, right? not unexpected of them of's business, right? not personal...and, how nice of them to conveniently inform me on friday nite before the start of my weekend...i swear, i keep promising myself, this blog WONT turn into a negative job-bashing forum....hmmm....the job countdown begins...

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