Thursday, September 20, 2007

my current life

right now i am staying over at a friend's house, "housesitting" while she makes her is soo nice to stay there...i get to take a bath in a tub every happy am i??? and, i hear my neighbors every now and then, and run into them every so often...for example, i ran into eric we got to chit chat for a moment before i had to run to work...i also ran into kim down the hallway and we said hello...that is more interaction than i have had with people in a long work all i do is work...there is minimal interaction with adults...we are all too busy to talk with each other...anyways, my co-workers are unable to speak decently enough in english also, so, i am quite isolated from meaningful interaction throughout the week...i am quite proud of my job performance of my job duties is to call every student...i am proud to say, that, after 6 months of failing in this task, i finally figured out how to do it more successfully...i use my time after the students go home to call them daily and regularly, and i've also implemented a time calling schedule, where i make appointments with each student for when they get their phone has been alot, and when i say alot i mean ALOT of work...but, i feel quite accomplished with myself, and, even though my head teacher told me yesterday that the number of students i called "wasn't enough", i still hold my head up high...(like it's my fault that a student doesn't keep their appointment...or isn't home or available when i call), like dave told me today, i gotta "keep my eyes on the prize"...that means, i hope my next job will be's gotta be...and, i am looking for a homestay now....since living alone has sort of taken it's toll on me, another friend, jo, suggested that i do this....she's so, i've been trying for the past 2 days to let people know i'm interested in far, no luck...but, if that doesn't work out, then something else will...oh, a homestay is what we liken to renting a room with another family...the good thing is, i have options...more later...did i ramble enough? heeheehee....the beauty of blogging, in my opinion, is, that, i can write whatever i want because its my blog!!! i miss my sister miahhhh...

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