Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mama Mia!!

I thought Mama Mia, the movie, was coming out NEXT weekend. Turns out, it came out LAST weekend. So, I missed seeing it the opening weekend. But, on Monday I got off work early, so I texted my mom and sisters if they wanted to go see it. I got one response from my mom that she'd like to go. So, the two of us went to the nearby Cinemopolis theaters and saw the show. My boss kept me at work until 5:45, and I was supposed to be off at 3:30. Whatever. I RAN to the theaters, and we got to see the first scene in the movie. A musical. A dance. And, a really entertaining time.

After the movie, my mom needed to go to Target. So we browsed around. I got a gift certificate for my sister Amy, since her bday is this week. Hopefully she'll like it, and pick out something she'd enjoy. I don't usually like to do that, giving gift cards as gifts, but, I was in a quandry so I did. At least I got her something, so she won't feel forgotten on her bday. I also picked out some pretty cereal bowls, and some basic silverware. Things a girl needs. And toothpaste. How boring!! LOL. I slept so good that nite cuz Iwas quite the tired one!!

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